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Shark Awareness Dive

Once a week or by request we do our shark awareness dive.  This dive is to educate about and experience sharks.  Here in the Keys its mostly nurse sharks, but occasionally bulls, reefs or hammers will come in.  Shallow patch reef in 25 ft of water.  Be ready to hang with a bunch of nurses!
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A nice ledge with a big "Crater" like sand hole in the middle.

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The Drop

A nice wall that drops from 50 to 90 feet.  Keep an eye out for rays.

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Unique site that has actually two separate reef patches.  Known for lobster hang outs.

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Davey Crocker

One of the most highest populations of fish life in our area.  Schools fish, nurse sharks, eels and turtles.  This is a must dive.

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60 ft ledge known for shark activity (Not Guaranteed).  But lots of other critters if the sharks don't come out to play.

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