Florida Keys Dive Sites Listing

  • The Yellow Submarine Barge

    The Yellow Submarine Barge

    A 12 ft replica submarine sits a top an old push barge.  Our buddy "stumpy" calls it home.  He's a…

  • Shark Awareness Dive

    Shark Awareness Dive

    Once a week or by request we do our shark awareness dive.  This dive is to educate about and experience…

  • Alexander Barge

    Alexander Barge

    A push barge surrounded by bridge rubble, good for larger critters.

  • Morada


    Shallow reef known for its purple sea fans.

  • Rocky Top

    Rocky Top

    A shallow patch reef beaming with life.  

  • Alligator Reef

    Alligator Reef

    The infamous Alligator Reef, named after the USS Alligator that ran aground.  

  • Crater


    A nice ledge with a big "Crater" like sand hole in the middle.

  • The Drop

    The Drop

    A nice wall that drops from 50 to 90 feet.  Keep an eye out for rays.

  • Aquarium


    Unique site that has actually two separate reef patches.  Known for lobster hang outs.

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